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Chase Cups are back!

After a bigger break 3v3 Chase Cups are finally back!

We're currently starting with weekly Stadium Chase Cups but are looking forward to expanding to other Titles in the future!
New Maps are urgently needed and you can post your submissions for a new Mappack in our forum

Also have a look at the upcoming Cups to sign up!

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1v1 Gamemodes are here!

We're glad to announce that we can add 1v1 game modes to our weekly Cups!

After many hours of programming and testing, 1v1 Cups are finally working and can start as early as next week. Next Monday, February 13th at 8 PM the first ParagonLeague Joust Cup will start. After that, we'll have Joust and ArenaDuel in rotation each Monday. Of course, all these cups will have prize money and the usual ParagonLeague features such as Statistics and the fancy veto.

We hope you'll appreciate our work and have lots of fun in the upcoming Cups!
Sign up here!

See you all in the Cups

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New Prize Money Distribution

Hello Everyone!

The ParagonLeague team has been working on an all new prize money distribution. Unlike the past, where we had fixed prizes for the top 3 teams, the new system is dependent on the amount of teams participating in the tournaments.

In the future less than 5 teams playing results in the first place taking home all of the money, whilst more than 5 teams means it will be divided to the best 2 teams. And if more than 7 teams take part in the cup, prize money will be split up to the top 3 teams as you are used to.
The calculated prizes can all be split up to the according amount of players required for the gamemode.

As the new distribution system is dependent on the amount of participating teams, the more teams sign up, the more money will be paid out to the winning teams!


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Elite Mappack (Vote)

Hey Guys,

Thanks for your suggestions for the new Elite Mappack for our cups (and also MatchMaking).
Now everyone is asked to vote for his favourites. You can vote for up to 9 maps from this list.
The 9 maps with the most votes will become our the new mappack!

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Automated System

Benefit from our completely automated Cupsystem.

  • Join your match over the cuplobby
  • Use our automated veto system
  • Scores are automatically transmitted to the website
  • Manual veto
  • Finding an admin to tell the score
  • Finding a server to play

Easy Login

Simply connect with 2 clicks on ParagonLeague to your ManiaPlanet Account without providing any further information.


We save the statistics of every game and will provide them user-friendly for Teams/Cups and User
It's still Work in progress

Development Goals

Goal #1

Chase Cups

Goal #2

Secondary Cups

Goal #3


Goal #4