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Paragon Elite Cup #309 0 vs 0 0 Login
Previous Cups
Name Date Teams Winner 2nd Place 3rd Place
Paragon Combo Opening Series #4 02nd September 2014 7 Team Rocket Apskaft ρ»ombo
Paragon Elite Opening Series #2 30th August 2014 12 HighLandLions dotpiXels Name will be here soon
Paragon Siege 5v5 Opening Cup 29th August 2014 10 NoRespect DICKHEADS The Executables
Paragon Combo Opening Series #3 26th August 2014 11 Cam Apskaft Pokémon Trainers
Paragon Elite Opening Cup 23rd August 2014 11 Paragon Escalera I Deliver Salsa dotpiXels
Paragon Combo Opening Series #2 19th August 2014 11 Apskaft BITCHACHOS ρ»ombo
Paragon Combo Opening Cup 01st August 2014 9 Cam Bibiwoukwiw ZorstyFTW