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Fussas The Goose Creator
spitfire Player
ȿoulȿeeker¸KaL Player
Hot Fusss DrOetker Player
ρuLse. T૯ққϓ ツ! Player

Paragon BattlePro Cup #9 Place: 5

Cup Info
Chill Crew vs -- Freewin
PanicMakers vs Chill Crew 2 : 0
WOLF vs Chill Crew 1 : 0
DeMar DeRozan left the Team
spitfire joined the Team
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ρuLse. Ҭ૯ққϓ ツ joined the Team
Chill Crew received 5th Place in the Paragon BattlePro Cup #9
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Chill Crew got registered by Hot Fuss Fussas