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Ali92' Admin
Λtría ĸhαss' Player
®﹄EZ3kiel Player
ภƠるろ๐ Smurf Player
G]R Ultra Player
Random received 2nd Place in the Test combo cup
Sραm.A Ali92' got set to playing by Admin Sραm.A Ali92'
Sραm.A Ali92' gained the Admin status by Admin Sραm.A Ali92'
ƀŕนH ivan left the Team
Random received 4th Place in the Paragon Elite Cup #2363
®﹄ĸhass joined the Team
G]R Ultra joined the Team
Random received 3rd Place in the Paragon Elite Cup # 23892
®﹄EZ3kiel joined the Team
IVAN joined the Team
G]R ทσるるσ joined the Team